Hong Kong Classes: Reformer Pilates at Flex

ro/an yoga reformer pilates flex studio hong kong

At ro/an, we design activewear that we #lovetomove in, whether it’s through our favourite flows, alignment classes, and new work-outs. As studios in both the UK and Hong Kong (HK) remain closed indefinitely, we look back at our time trying out Reformer Pilates at Flex Studios in Wong Chuk Hang, HK. Needless to say, we miss going to beautiful boutique studios like Flex. It’s part of what made launching ro/an exciting: testing our products to make sure they’re comfortable, stylish and supportive, and at the same time, discovering places and fitness activities we love. 

Why Try Reformer Pilates?

Pilates is known for strengthening and lengthening the body and focuses on what is referred to as the “powerhouse” or the core. In Reformer Pilates, the body rests on a carriage attached to springs which have different levels of resistance that you can use to push and pull against. 

What we love about the Reformer is that it assists you in moving with control, working on a whammy of strength, balance and mobility. 

The machine may look intimidating because of all the attachments involved. But don’t be fooled: Pilates Reformer classes such as Pilates Allegro - Level I at Flex offers a dynamic and effective workout that is accessible to beginners and non-regular practitioners like us. We tried it and we loved it. 

Yes, we had few challenges at first getting used to it, like fumbling around for the straps and not knowing which way the box should go on top of the carriage. However, the teacher, Juliana, gave detailed instructions on how to use the machine and carry out the movements safely and effectively. The class was fairly small, making it feel personal, and Juliana was patient and attentive to all the students. 

The Final Result? 

Through controlled movement and resistance, we left with the satisfying feeling you get from a full-body workout. Aside from strengthening, the movements taught in the class worked on our mobility and posture which relieved a lot of built-up tension from a monotonous day of sitting at the desk.  

Despite the full-body toning that Pilates Allegro - Level I involved, it was fairly low impact making it perfect for our strappy Moringa bra paired with our signature Matcha leggings. 

While we wait for studios to re-open, Flex has online classes here.

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