Learning about Chakras: Yoga with crystals

ro/an illustration learning about chakras yoga with crystalsAt ro/an, we talk about yoga a lot as it’s been key to alleviating the stress from life in a city like Hong Kong. If, like us, you practice yoga mainly for physical exercise, you may find that diving into the theory of yoga can add another dimension to your practice.

With all the buzz around crystals, we were keen to sign up to the ‘Yoga and Crystal Healing Workshop’ by Heloise Chong at Flex to find out more.

Heloise started the class by explaining chakras, the energy centres in our bodies. She gave us a print out of the poses we would be doing, their benefits to the chakras and the crystals to match with it. We each got a crystal /meditation pal selected at random by Heloise. I got a yellow lemon quartz, whose colour is associated with fire, power, and courage (this way please!).

Each pose was around 10 minutes long, eyes closed, focusing on the breath while Heloise invited us to visualise the colour of each chakra and its location in the body. Having visual and breathing prompts helped keep me focused, while doing the poses helped to stretch the tight areas of my body.

My back, like most office workers’, gets compressed a lot which makes even basic poses like Savasana uncomfortable. Heloise offered different pose variations for those of us with different levels of flexibility. The studio also made bolsters, yoga blocks and ropes available to assist in the poses. 

I loved that they had Jade Yoga mats as they are eco-friendly and didn’t cause me to slip and slide which some mats do.

By the time we were working on the last chakra, I realised I had never meditated for this long before. Heloise made it really easy and accessible. While crystals are not a part of my everyday practice, it was interesting to learn a little bit about chakras and what they represent. I left feeling lighter than when I walked in, mind and body.

As my interest piqued, I went to my local library-yes people, they are still there. During the workshop, I found that focusing on chakras enhanced my meditation so I went to learn more about it.  

It turns out that in yogic and other oriental traditions, we have what is called ‘the subtle body’, the part of the body we can’t see in which energy flows through. In yogic tradition there are seven energy centres which are referred to as chakras. One major way of helping the energy pass through effectively is via vibrations.

Meta Chaya Hirschl writes in her book ‘Vital Yoga’ that Sanskrit, the original language of yoga, is designed to vibrate in the body. Crystals, which also help the energy flow through our bodies vibrate at different frequencies which are linked to different chakras.

Confused? Intrigued? Or maybe you’re already a pro at this – let us know!

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