Love to Move with Chloe Clare Ng: Pilates Instructor About Town

love to move chloe clare ng reformer pilates

This week we caught up with Chloe, a Pilates instructor who discovered her passion while majoring in dance at university. We came across Chloe after trying our first reformer class, then going on to discover studios around town (perks of the job). Chloe teaches at several studios around Hong Kong (find her classes in her insta story highlights here). Her classes are effective, straight-forward and keep us coming back for more.

In our chat, Chloe tells us about her Pilates journey and its greatest benefits. And since we’re all about loving the simple joys of movement, we also asked Chloe how she gets moving in simple ways to stay fit and healthy.


How long have you been teaching Pilates and what made you want to teach Pilates?

Around 2 years since 2019: although due to COVID-19, the past year has been very on-and-off. I was introduced to Pilates in college, while majoring in dance (Pilates was one of the credit courses). After a semester, I felt the change in my body and was intrigued, so I started my teacher training course. I teach Pilates because I want others to feel the change I felt, and guide them to be a better version of themselves.

What do you love about Pilates? 

I love the versatility in Pilates. All the movements can be modified to fit different needs without straying too far away from the '5 Basic Principles'.

On top of that, I adore that changes it brings to everyday life. As Joseph Pilates once said “You will feel better in 10 sessions, look better in 20 sessions and have a completely new body in 30 sessions.” Unlike a lot of fitness classes, the objective is not to lose weight or fat, but to feel better. That's what I strive for in every class I teach: for clients to walk out feeling better than before. Since Pilates promote BOTH mobility and strength (and so much more), it can elevate everyone, even elite athletes and long-time Pilates practitioners. 

The biggest benefits you've reaped from Pilates? 

I suffered from chronic lower back pain not long after I started dancing. I was "cheating" when I did certain movements by making shortcuts to achieve certain poses. I unknowingly exhausted and harmed my body in many ways, hence making it prone to injuries. After I started my Pilates teacher training and learned about the human anatomy, I realised all the things I’ve been doing wrong, and the changes I needed to introduce in order to heal my body and strengthen it in the safest and most effective way. 

What are the top three ways you #lovetomove?

  • Pilates (duh!) 

Because it really does the body good and it is suitable for almost everyone! My tip is to make sure you follow a good instructor since if it is done wrong you CAN set your body up for injuries/worsen your current injuries.

  • Barre

It has certain Pilates elements to it and it’s very similar to dancing, so it’s a very fun and effective way to work up a sweat (if that’s what you’re looking for). All you need is a chair and a mat (sometimes not even a chair if you’re doing barre-less)

  • Imagining I'm Beyoncé

Dance and sing around the house as loud as you can ( Be considerate of your neighbours!) It is a nice way to get off of your sofa/chair for a little bit and have some fun!

It has been a while since we dusted off our dancing shoes, but as Chloe says, it’s a nice and simple way to have some fun and get moving.

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