Yogis We Love: Héloïse Chong

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For this week's 'Yogis we Love' feature, we catch up with Héloïse Chong who we met at Flex Studios' Yoga and Crystal Healing Workshop. Héloïse is a yoga teacher who also does emotional release, energy and crystal healing, and is a qualified spin instructor.

In her workshop we learned about chakras or the energy centres of the subtle body, and how energy blockages can impact us negatively.

According to yogic tradition, vibrations help energy flow through the body. Crystals are said to have different vibration frequencies, and depending on the crystal, some help with clearing or charging the chakras. Before the workshop, Héloïse had set up a crystal grid in front of the class and placed a crystal beside each of us.

During the workshop we practised yoga poses that facilitated energy to flow through our bodies.

Each pose focused on a chakra, and with every pose held for at least ten minutes long, Héloïse provided variations for whatever felt most comfortable to us. We got to tune in on how our bodies felt, and Héloïse encouraged us to notice any emotions that came up.

Overall, Héloïse's class was meditative and re-invigorating, enhanced by a surrounding sound of melodic vibrations. In our Q&A, she tells us more about her practice and some of her favourite Hong Kong spots.

What can we expect from your classes? 

One thing you’ll find in all my classes is a good savasana (corpse pose). I have essential oils and I give a light massage around the neck, head and shoulders allowing you to fully release and come to a deep relaxation. People often share that they feel rejuvenated and refreshed after my class. 

How did you get into yoga and how long have you been teaching? 

When I was around 14/15 I was looking for something similar to gymnastics as I wanted to keep my flexibility. I tried dance and ballet, but nothing was hitting the spot. I remember hearing about yoga, I got very excited when I saw a flyer offering classes in my building. I asked/begged my mom to join me as I felt too shy to attend the class on my own. Next thing I know, it was the beginning of something that would play a really important role in my life. 

I was having health issues in 2011, feeling burnt out and adrenal glands not on form, my naturopathic doctor suggested I take a Yin or restorative yoga. It took a good year to recover, but I found myself fully immersed in yoga and the healing benefits it had on my mind and body. The following year I found myself attending my first 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training. 

I’ve been teaching since 2013. I’ve taught in Canada, Hong Kong and Thailand. I love helping others on their own journey

What is your favourite type of yoga?

I generally enjoy Yin yoga, restorative yoga, and vinyasa flow. However, I’ll drop in on an Ashtanga or even Iyengar class from time to time. 

Where did you learn about the benefits of incorporating crystals with yoga?

I didn’t learn from anyone or anywhere in specific. I’ve gathered so much information on crystals from my own healing and personal journey, adding them to my yoga practice was effortless. 

Do you have a favourite crystal?

It's hard to say because they are individually so pretty and each have their own healing benefits. It also changes based on what I need at the time... However, one can never get sick of Rose Quartz, Tourmaline (it comes in a whole range of colours!), Amethyst, Strawberry Quartz, Lemon Quartz, the list goes on! 

I see you are also a spin teacher. Do you still do it in Hong Kong?

I started my journey as a spin instructor here in Hong Kong, though I’m currently taking a break. My journey with spin was fun and took me on an adventure I could never have imagined. I love that it is a healthy version of partying. It feels like you are in a club dancing, without all the drinking and unhealthy stuff. I love getting a good sweaty workout.

Favourite tracks for spin? 

I had a few on repeat:

This girl - Kungs vs Cookin’ on 3 Burners

Something Just Like This - ( SaberZ x Jaxx x Vega Festival) mix

Wannabe - Spice Girl (Le Boeuf Remix)

I Want it That the Way- Backstreet boys (Le Boeuf x Amanda Law remix)

Money Maker- Throttle x Jackson 5 (Luca Lecce Michael Jackson Tribute)

Favourite coffee place?

I don’t drink coffee, but I do drink tea 😊. I love African Coffee & Tea in Wong Chuck Hang. They have a really nice Rooibos tea. In addition, Lok Cha has a wide selection of good quality teas. I usually go for the Rose bud or Chrysanthemum. 

Favourite place for yumcha? 

Vege Link, it’s a vegan yumcha spot. So yummy! The turnip cake (lo bat go), cha siu bun, and rice rolls are really good

Secret skill?

I make a really good pumpkin spiced pancake.

Favourite hike?

I have a few favourite hikes…There is one I do love, it's part of Dragon’s Back however you branch off onto another hike that leads you to the beach at Big Wave Bay. I recommend timing it so you can catch the sunset on the beach. 

Favourite snack?

Homemade vegan baked goods. (Guilty pleasure DONUTS)

Night owl or early bird?

Both, hehe

Favourite place to hang out?

Anywhere, as long as I am surrounded by loved ones. If I had to really pick: at home on the patio.

Best place to find peace (in HK)?

I usually find it in nature, on a hike or by water preferably on a paddle board

Any other music you love?

If I’m in a Yogi mood:

Baba Hanuman by Shantala

Alap in Hamsadhwani-LIVE by Shastro

Anasura Prayer- Wah!

 If Im in a playful mood:

Longtime Sunshine- Aykana

You are the best thing- Ray LaMontagne

I can’t help myself ( sugar pie honey bun) - Four Tops


Normally you can find Héloïse at Flex and Soho House, currently she is doing online classes. DM her!